Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mini Treat Bags - from #10 Envie

Little Treat Bags I used to make for all the kids school activities when they were in preschool. So Simple and would hold mini candy canes. You can decorate any way you please and right now there are a lot of already decorated envies out there. Don't forget to add little ribbon handles, these can hang on the tree too!

stamp #10 envie

Cut envie in half

score at 1/2 inch on 3 uncut sides, sorry this picture isn't rotated the bottom of the envie is on the left side :)

fold to really crease the envie and turn folds to the inside tuck bottoms under
(you can tape these)

All set fill with whatever you can fit, great way to hang a gift card on the tree. I have surprised my friends by slipping the ornament on the tree, and they find a little prize after the holidays. Usually these are my friends who insist on not accepting anything, also 1 really nicely decorated sugar cookie fits beautifully. Have fun!


Glenda said...

You are fabulous Sherry - great tutorial! Saw you were on Stamping Tips again - you're freakin' amazing! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love seeing new ways to package gifts...this is definitely a "must-do"! TFS...great tutorial! Tinla