Monday, December 29, 2008

When Hubby is Home!

I get NO stamping done, I love when he's at work I've decided!
Well the big news is Santa brought me a Cricut expression for Christmas! I am so excited, I really thing this will let me be even more creative!
Just a quick test on how it works, and here's what I produced! So simple and so quick, amazing thing this expression is!


Amy Harle said...

SOOOO jealous :) Looks like you're going to have fun w/ the Expression!! Tell me about your A Muse classes for January...I saw some info on the blog but want more :)

Glenda said...

Fabulous card - love all of ths sparkle!

wetpond57 said...

Your hubby bug you???? No way!
Love the work your puttin' out.
The chisel glue pen sparkle snow lines are Fab. Kathy

Elena said...

I'm with you on the husband at home thing! I've had no time to be crafty :( I hope to find time on Thursday or Friday. Love the snowmen!