Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Did You See Bachelor Last Night?

I was there soon after that time and didn't even know it, I think? The leaves are more on the ground but last night they showed the exact spot where I snapped some photos in between Copic training and Lunch! WOW!

this is the boat they were on

This is me taking a picture of Glenda

Glenda taking a picture of me

And the stage of leaves, so I guess maybe about 2-3 weeks later. It seems like forever since I have been there so imagine how long it has been for the Bachelor!


Glenda said...

Cool... love those photos of us. So fun! Hope you can stamp a bunch for me while I'm away! Take care - G

Jen said...

haha- i didn't even know we were that close!! I know just where you're talking about. I was watching it the other night wondering where that boat launches from -heehee