Wednesday, May 13, 2009

cabinets come on Friday

Yes! (urgh) still working the renovations but cabinets come on Friday so that will make a big difference in the way the blank walls look.

And just because there is so much catastrophe in the house this is what's going on outside the house.

Mama goose and her babes, yup dad's there too!

tulips are blooming and lilacs are coming too!

Here's a sample of my June class at Sweethearts Stamps, the Let's hear it for the boys class!

If it looks like the golf ball is coming at you! it is!


Dawn said...

Sherry, can I come spend some time in your garden? Pretty! Love your guy card too. how'd you make those dimples in your ball?

Andrea said...

Lilacs are one of the few things I miss about NY in the springtime, they don't grow well here in NC. I just bought a lilac Yankee Candle to get me through the month.

Anonymous said...

Don't go anthropocentric on us ... it is a "goose and a gander". Nice photo ...