Monday, May 4, 2009

I haven't forgotten U!

I'm just knee deep in renovations right now! And I have 3 important things to share!

Did you know A muse is having an 8th Anniversay? You should go to their website and check out all that is going on!
  • For one, you will soon be able to purchase a Limited Edition set of stamps. I made a really quick card with the oval and circle label, it was past midnight and I didn't have my glasses on but I got the idea down, even though it's a little crooked.

  • 2nd you will be able to enter some challenges!
  • 3rd you might just get inspired to STAMP!

Also, I am teaching at Sweethearts Stamps this Thursday 1:00 & 6:00 here's one card we will be making. A surprise POP-UP inspired by Julie Ebersole.

Lastly, here's one more baby card I didn't get to post.

There was a day quite a few years back now, that I remember seeing the "baby" standing up in the crib, just about hanging out and me thinking, "time flies" and "HEY BABY", you're gonna fall, I still think that now but it's when they're standing on a skateboard, scooter, or roof! YIKES! A house of boys, it never changes. Mom's worry!


Glenda said...

Hope your renos are going ok! Love your cards - especially the pop-up. Fabulous colours! Love it!

Dawn said...

Hey, that baby is gonna fall out of that bassinet! Ha ha! So glad to see that you are still alive, girl! Surviving renovations is always a challenge. Hang in there and show us what you did when you are finished.

Michellem said...

Your "danger baby" card cracked me right up - my boys did the same thing - Hope your renovations are done soon and exactly the way you want them!!