Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camera Charged

And it's off to the races. Yesterday was a crazy busy day,

Laundry (I wanna stamp)

Recieve the last of the long awaited cabinets (but, hum, what...oh I know)

Trim hedges in front of house (something square for the challenge)

Paint last coat of trim for baseboard (but some type of folded card, not just square)

Off to LSS to "Plan Event" (totally focused on the stamping event)

Clean Garage of all house debris (what to use for the base card something new)

Carry trim into house from garage (YES! the new {gingham} papers)

Move baseboard heater covers from the garage to the porch (lots of images I could use)

Vaccuum heater covers (I'd like to use the RED gingham)

Move heater covers into the house (and yeah Black with it)

Start dinner (looking though stamps...)

Eat dinner (talk about shool, oh end of school oh yeah GRADUATION)

Hang Cabinets (I could make a money holder card!)

Riding in the car the the dumpster (Honey do you have a $20 that I can photo)

"WHAT are you talking about?", "I need a $20 dollar bill for my card.", "You mean a card cost you $20 is more like it." (he's smarter than he looks)

Kiss the kids goodnight and.......


I can't belive this card took all DAY!
HOW TO: Finshed size 3 x 3. Cut 8 1/2 x 11 sheet to a 4x9 sheet. score at 1 inch vertically for the fold to hold the $, then at 3 and 6 inches horizontally. A muse stamps used, graduate, grad cap, congratulations rm, splendiferous day. There you have it a money card or you could put a gift card in the center pocket too! You can have fun with the challenge too, join the a muse team in A muse A Palooza
it gonna be a good time!


Lori Barnett said...

What a great story to read with my morning coffee! ha ha ha ha. Gotta love it! Great card girl...and thanks for the measurements too!

Elena said...

I love the commentary, too. It is how I think through the day!

Frozenstamper said...

Cute! Cute! Just think how that all came about! You worked on that all day long!!!

cheiron said...

Funny post. Love this card! I need to make a few graduation cards and this is perfect!

Lyn B said...

Let's face it, we all just want to stay in our PJs and play with our paper art all day, but, alas, we have family and chores (you have more chores than most I think!) and yet, we get 'er done quite nicely! Thanks for sharing your day with us! LynB