Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amuse Bouche!

Yep , I had cards done! Yep, I had all intentions of putting them up! Yep, LIFE HAPPENED!
Bass lessons, golf camp, day camp, lawn mowed, p/u new beds with Dad, deliver them to storage unit, start dinner, 2 dog seizures, put sink together, (whoops, sink is damaged) run to LOWES for new sink home at 9:30, Finally a shower and then NO A MUSE BOUCHE! OH Yeah! Happy Birthday Brother Paul!

So here's the catch-up from yesterday and I need to photo todays so for the 14th!
Skater squirrels with the wood grain paper and some little ribbon tied notes was the second little giftie at my A muse A palooza classes.

Skiier Squirell, this is candy bag topper but, there is an image on the candy yet to be released, this was the little giftie I gave all my A muse A Palooza guests on Friday for the morning class. 4 little hershey nuggets inside.

And Polar Beach with some new and some old images. I think this card is HYSTERICAL!


Tisha said...

Love that Polar Bear Beach card! Too funny! Don't you just love this crazy ride called life?? Take care!

creativegrace said...

That card IS hysterical! Although, with global warming the polar bear doesn't have to wait long ;)

Hope life settles down for you soon! Hugs!

june said...

love the upside down wave punch, i guess i really didn't need that "icicle" punch after all:D NOT!! i too have been dealing with LIFE.

Frozenstamper said...

I love these! Your polar bear card is so cute! I love how you used the waves upside down and the mountains look so cool!
Love your candy topper too! Busy times for you!