Monday, August 31, 2009

A muse Bouche Catch Up!

Made it to Camp for a week of relaxation and fun on Sunday, so I got a little behind on my A muse Bouches! Hopefully you've enjoyed all the others creative ideas!
You will be able to make this at Buffalo Stamps and Stuff on September 26th call early to sign up!
All A muse Stamps tiny cat, crooked house, witches riding and tiny witch. I also used the MS crooked fence punch and left the fence open. Open if you Dare!

Just a quick one about camp, more to come later this week. The camp below is the camp we call Center Camp and we have all types of outings and festivities there and the 85 members of the hunting club keep this old loggers camp ship shape! This is not the typical camp around here. This is the Taj-Mahal.
This is a distant photo of our newly built camp we are just seeding the grass and having fun pulling bed springs behind the ranger to smooth out the fill.

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