Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Check the A muse Blog for Photo Card Inspiration

I hope you all have a chance to go to the a muse blog this week for some inspiring photo cards, here's one that I submitted. I was thinking that it might be fun to send animals pictures instead of kids, cuz as you guessed it sometimes they are more fun! And for those of you that take care of animals for friends, or have a picture in your photo bank of their animal, wouldn't it be fun to send them a photo, it would be like receiving a gift in the mail. :)

Maeve Czarnecki

All A muse products:

White 4 bar card
Swiss Red Notes
Slate Notes

A muse Stamps:

Madiera Background 7-5062E
Have a beautiful christmas 9-8276C
elegant ornaments 2-2163J
R29 copic marker
A muse black twinkle
A muse white pearls
Swiss Red Grosgrain stitch ribbon

Martha stewart snowflake punch


Lori Barnett said...

This is such a fun card Sherry. Great work once again :)

Beth Thomas said...

Love the black & white with red accents- truly beautiful! Still can't get over that awesome photo of your pup- it would have taken hours to get ours to pose so regally!

cheiron said...

I love this card. I wish I could have Maeve for Christmas!

Jill Grace said...

I love the puppy card!!!