Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't put those winter stamps away YET!

6 more weeks so they say! And I have the perfect remedy for all those winter images, extend them into late winter around here sometimes it snows on Mothers Day let's not forget!

sledding polar bear anyone, come and make this card at my Winter Wind up @ Stampin & Scrappin Time February 20th.
Or the little holiday squirrel, sure that present can be a birthday one! Winter Wind UP - February 20th @ Stampin & Scrappin Time

Or maybe you need a little cocktail angel to get you through the winter dul-drums! (this one's for you Glenda) Winter Wind-Up @ Stampin & Scrappin Time.

Guess who was playing with my scrap bucket, this little secret admirer card was on my table last night! Wonder who it was?

If you're in need of inspiration, take a class at your LSS this winter, it's sure to be a BLAST!


Glenda said...

Sign me up for those cocktails girlfriend! Love those cards - hope your class goes great! Hugs...

Nic said...

Sher love the polar bear with the glitter snow! The squirrel is adorable too, cute hat. An angel with a martini, looks like me!!!!