Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun in the Sun and Updates

I just spent the entire morning in my gardens, hopefully I'll have a ton of produce this summer. I spent $120 on the plants and if they grow like I hope, I'll get much more than $400 worth of veggies.Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, swiss chard, YUM! Oh and the random watermelon for the little guy. He thinks a seed spitting contest would be fun, little does he know, his Mom's a PRO! :)

Still have unpacking to do from a wonderful 5 days in Buffalo, teaching at Buffalo Stamps and Stuff and at the CKC convention. Tons of fun, meeting many new people and enjoying the stamping and scrapping craft. A special "Hi" to Sandy and Mary, you were so fun to have in class!

And of course, this weekend the big kickoff of summer, I just can't believe it, next year 2 kids in middle school! YIKES!

I remember the days of running around in the dark here at the lake and playing tag, hide n seek, and screaming OLLIE, OLLIE in FREE, when I was close to home base and my capture was not to be found. Once in a while there would be random fireworks across the lake and we would stop and dip our feet in the water and watch the fireworks off the dock. This card was inspired by those awesome nights of being a lake kid.

a muse sparklers, happy summer, papaya & lime paper
stamped and embossed with glitter embossing then distress inked over the embossing


Glenda said...

Glad you had a good time in Buffalo. Your card is fantastic! Love it.

Glenda said...
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cheiron said...

How FUN is this! Can't wait for summer and fireworks!

jenn shurkus said...

how fun were those fireworks!!?? :)

Judy Nash said...

Just like sparklers! Your card captures the moment.