Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whoa! What a Crazy Week!

Home from camp on Monday...Tuesday AM trying to figure out WHY I can not get on the INTERNET! What is going on, why isn't this working, try, this, call them, on hold, do this, unplug that, plug this into that, (okay sweating now)..... in the end, router fried during storm....

So finally SATURDAY AM, while running in a 5K race... (34:28) not bad for an old mare.

My Time Warner guy showed up and fixed it all, thank goodness DH was home to greet him.

I'm back online YIPPEE! So I want to catch you up on my week!

Wednesday CAS cards, the LADIES LOVED Them!

Cards for this week are some of my summer fun cards and a patriotic card.

And next weeks are all designed aournd the color of kraft and red.

Make sure to check ou the A muse blog, there are some big happenings building up to the fabulous A muse A Palooza!

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