Saturday, November 1, 2008

thinking ahead

Halloween is over, I love Halloween and it kind of feels like the day after Christmas to me today. So while I was out raking leaves I kept thinking about the birch trees and I love bare trees at the Holidays. What do you think?


Judy Nash said...

I love the bare branched tree. Next time you see the leaves it will be spring, since you have them all raked up!

wetpond57 said...

My favorite part of your blog is the art-scape you created for the blog's heading.
Big art, big sentiments and big ideas can be created with such little stamps.
Remember what Mother Teresa said
"we cannot all do GREAT THINGS but we can do SMALL THINGS with GREAT LOVE"
Can't wait to see were this takes you! OH yea, Seattle in 3 days! (: Kathy

jenstamps said...

Very pretty design!

Jennie M said...

This is so pretty!

Sarah/WAstamper said...

Love this one!