Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo Challenge from Glenda's Blog

Okay so this is the 6th folder in my pictures file, the 6th picture in that folder, yup it's a sizeways picture of detail I made on a Valentine card for Stampin & Scrappin Time and Prima this is a fun challenge, When I first looked in my file, I thought it was going to be a picture from pre-pregnancy days but I had downloaded them to my external hard drive so WHEW! That was lucky.

thanks for the challenge glenda! I'm not passing it on but I'll tell some of my friends about it, if you have a blog try it, you might be surprised what the image turns out to be.

Here's a card for Glenda, she's working, BUT, she's in Florida and I'm jealous! Glenda I hope you get a few moments to enjoy some sun!
Also here's some coffee cards I made for club tonight, these are the "extra" samples, not the cards we made!
from the coffe break clear set, but I loved adding the heart teabag string, yup a warm cup of tea with some sweet honey, one of life's simple pleasures

Christmas Coffee, Just thinking about how to use my "regular" stamps during the holidays!
Thanks Jen D for the Dunkin idea at our A muse Weekend, this one was a fun one to put together!


Jen said...

these are so cute!! love the DD card. so nice to know someone else who loves it as much as me ;)

Glenda said...

Thanks Sherry! I'm in northern Florida and it is COLD!!! But sunny... I think I'd rather be warm. Fabulous cards... love all the colours...

Laura said...

Love all the cards. I especially like the beach bag card. So creative!